January 18th, 2008

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The Very Short List & Torchwood

While I'm pretty sure anyone on my flist who cares already knows this

Today's Pick by
The Very Short List
new DVD Set.

availavle at

for the amazingly low price of just
$54.99 plus free shipping

I've never watched but it seems to be a favorite among many on my flist and so
kind of cool tie-in to me

If you are interested in what the fine fine people at VSL have to say about it,
all glowing and such
here's their little
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Adding to the Emmett Love

I don't get much -- read as any -- time online during the weekend so I'm adding my two-cents to the Emmett / love now.

Since, actually, it's all been said already so well
I'll just mention something my husband said during S4.
David turns to me and says, "Emmett, he's a favorite."
What could I say but, "yeah, you're right, he really is."

Again, not much to add,
amazing picspam pretty much summed it up but I'll add a couple


Three out of four show Emmett with his "family" because I think they're what mattered most to him.

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