January 25th, 2008

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Questioned Expectation

Questioned Expectation
I look around wondering
Why I’m even here
I look around realizing
I can't recall why…
Why I ever came

I’m cut loose, have become separate
I float free and against the tide
A single silk tether only remains
So I wonder why…
Why I ever tried

New world has gone deaf
Implied trust has gone blind
Knows my well-intentioned failure
Devoid of me but still…
Still I want to believe

Old world calls, its wild ways remembered
A world where I exist, where I know
Songs sung are answered
Released from apathy
Finally understanding why I’m alive

I’m no longer a cat needing a clan
Its invisible walls feared beyond instinct
New world falters, turns away, collapses
I lick my wounds and run
Run unafraid toward the silence

Finally sensing
Finally realizing
Finally touching
The truth that looms great
Telling me…please show me
which way is home