January 14th, 2009

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STORY TITLE: A Time From Now
      CHAPTER TITLE: Surprises Are Bullshit_Fifty-Three of One Hundred
WARNINGS: vaguely angsty_Brian POV
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already? Not mine.
      Originally Beta’ed by herefordroad, all subsequent mistakes are mine
      Story throughout contains excerpts from The Brian Kinney Operating Manual including commentary from the Editors
SUMMARY FROM THE EDITORS: ‘…and way too tired for pointed comebacks, he tried for something resembling the truth. “I’m not running away, Justin,” he said. “I’m simply leaving. This was bad idea.’
      Brian experiences that age-old adage that says what-goes-around-comes-around
AUTHOR‘S NOTES: This story projects 59 years into the future and reflects all that that entails, many of the loose ends are tied-up. I dance with POV, I dance with time, in essence, I just dance to the song Brian & Justin sang to me.
      Contains: Brian_others, Justin_others. They grow old, they are always together for just as long as time allows, but, ultimately, they will die.
      As someone wise once said, ‘In the end, it’s all about Brian and Justin’ and I can only agree

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