April 18th, 2009

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Happiness meme: snagged by qbeeqt

For Saturday
On my mission101 list (BTW thanks for the heads-up, Alex) #9 under Personal/ LJ - Limit personal posts on LJ to once per week, and so while doing this meme would seem to fly in the face of that goal, I'm going to play anyway.

The Rules:
1. Post about something that made you happy today.
2. Repeat for eight days.
3. Tag eight people to do the same. Plus whomever wants to play too :)

On my mission101 list under Family #2. Involve daughter in photography

Today I'm happy because Lauren and I were able to plan our morning to include an hour for photography before our hair appointments @ Scandolous Hair Salon. We wandered around Willow Glen, a vaguely upscale enclave of south San Jose, taking pictures using the List One from the 100_snapshots comm I found out about after reading someone's - sorry I don't remember whose - mission101 list. The 100 word ideas really focused us and helped with our creativity. This is the third time we've gone out taking pics in the past month, and we are both having a really good time. I even have them all downloaded!!! Hopefully, I'll post a few of mine, and a few of hers if she'll let me, next week.

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