June 1st, 2009

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The reason I started doing this:
     Brian Hennessay -
big_brian_o - said in his Janaury 1st entry -- 'Most of all, I hope each of us can go into the New Year resolved to do one good thing for someone else every month of the year, and that this kindness spreads faster than the ....' Brian said the flu, how could he've know?  I'm changing  it to...this kindness spreads faster than Susan Boyle's YouTube video.
I want to acknowledge his hopes for us, so consider this my June offering. With any luck there will be six more before 2009 is done. A quick disclaimer_I take things at face value. If you know anything - good or bad - about anything I promote here, please let me know.
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This month's One Good Thing is:

for kimmobooks, a bookseller on Amazon:
No graphics or links for this one, just a little story.

I mostly read my email out-of-order so the first email, on this topic, from Amazon said I'd received a refund for a book I'd ordered. I figured the seller must not have had the book after all but then, I bothered to read, from the seller, an older email saying that she'd been sick, even ended up in the hospital so since she was sending the book out late, she was refunding my money. I hadn't even noticed, she was sending the book out maybe a week late.

I, naturally, replied saying that I appreciated her business practices but illness was a very valid reason for the booking arriving a little late, and that once I received it, I would mail her a check.

She replied that I was being generous - I was being generous? -and that she wanted it this way.

I knew enough to stop arguing and my last email simply thanked her.

So, if you buy from Amazon and notice kimmobooks and she is approximately in your price range, please consider purchasing from her, her name actually is Kim. Her kind of business ethic deserves recognization.