October 20th, 2009

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An unaccessable Letter & the accessable beginnings of an Memoir-like Story

For me, doing mission101 was, and continues to be, about finding balance and consistency in my life -- something I'm not good at being easily distractable -- and not only about accomplishing tasks. I will draw...or write...or whatever for two three months consistently and then some other thing will come along and I won't pick up a pencil...or type a word...or whatever for months.

So on my mission101 list I put a lot of 'do this' or 'do that' ONCE A MONTH.

I should also have included OR ITS EQUIVALENT just to cut me some slack. Because while I am getting better at CONSISTANTLY, I am by no meas there.

That having been said, I put on my list to write and post an experimental story...or poem...or writing of some sort ONCE A MONTH. Well, summer came along and vacationing came along and writing went out the window. Now I'm trying to catch up...July is a letter and August is the beginnings of a memoir-like story.

I'm including the letter -- a fan letter to an older artist the words of which I could NOT get to stop buzzing around in my head until I wrote them down & then mailed away-- because, although I currently have the post locked,  I find it all a little too embarrassing, should I recieve a positive response -- highly highly unlikely, I don't even know if I have his right address -- I will unlock the post and be very very happy. It's an experiment because I have NEVER written a fan letter before and am seriously a little too old to start now. Whatever.

Title: Dear Mr.>>>>>
Written by: gaeln
Word Count: 1,115
Fandom: none

a link to that which, currently, is not

awhie back, an lj friend did a post wherein he wrote about his growing up, until the age of three, I think, on his grandparent's farm. I thought, at the time, that it was a cool idea and very well done. That he could remember more up until the age of three than I can until the age of twelve, or so, was helpful to his story.

Still, I figured...whatthehell? My August experiement, and it really is because I DO NOT write about myself, is some little family history along with my very brief memories until the age of three-ish in San Diego CA..

I think I'm really kind of doing this for Lauren.

Title: From the 1640s to the 1950s in 2000 Words or Less
Written by: gaeln
Word Count: 2,115 (From the 1640s to the 1950s in 2000 Words or MORE just doesn't sound right and this will give you  just a little idea about how I've written this story although I am as faithful to the truth as I am able to be)
none and, like the others, not beta'ed

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