February 16th, 2011

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365 Photography Project_Eighteenth Post

I had trouble, on at least 4 separate days this past week, deciding which of 2 photos to post and so, finally deciding whatthehell? why not just throw caution to the wind, I'm including them all. Consequently, instead of my usual 7, I've posted 11. I know that this is not 'the way' of the 365 Photography Project, but, like Joseph Campbell advised, I must follow my own bliss.

Sunday February 6, 2011_South San Jose looking east-ish. This isn't a day I had trouble deciding actually, under the cut is the view looking west-ish as reference.

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I have to believe...

...that there are one or two, at least, very talented gif makers on my f-list
one of whom might be kind & generous enough to make a gif for me out of this short vid
from where Larry & Balki are standing in front of each other about to begin
'The 'Dance of Joy'.


I know the quality sucks and all but still, to have a little gif of this would be so cool
to use on those rare occasions when I'm nearly ecstatic.
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