September 5th, 2011

icon words_i have seen the truth

I was just realizing that...

I post random photographs of mine and insightful quotes of others and whatever on Tumblr where I am followed by like 6 people.
Why is that?
Not why am I followed by only 6 lovely people, but why do I post this stuff over there and not also over here where I do have a least a couple more friends.
I've grown lazy, only doing my 365 post and not even that in a timely manner. I just figured 'Sure, wisdom is awesome but more photography, really?'

So, a photograph I took of a downtown San Jose building.



Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods and emotions of the times; few are windows,
bringing light to bear on the dark corners where  troubles fester.
The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows
-Sydney J. Harris, journalist and author_1917-1986