September 13th, 2011

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A request and/ or two

The last time I tried this technique, it worked so well, I think I'll it try again.
That time, I asked you for your favortie poems and, after having received such a wonderful response, I made my goal of 100 poems and then some.

Now, Lauren has aked that I send her a nightly email, she leaves on Friday for UCSanta Cruz, telling her 'good night' WITH a lolcat graphic. So, I thought I'd ask if you would provide me with your favorites, whether funny or just OMG cute, cat or other, and just one or two, because nightly is a lot. I already have several, but being able to send her yours would add a sweet touch.

The other thing I would request is your favorite quotes, about life, about goal setting, about art, writing, photography and again, just one or two and also to send to her.

in advance!!!
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