September 17th, 2011

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I have been seriously remiss in all things Livejournal

I haven't been chekcing my f-list posts until days after the postings, I haven't been posting myself, not even my 365 Photography Project, I have been out-of-the-loop but I hope understandably so.

We moved our daughter, Lauren, to Santa Cruz yesterday and while I know every parent understands that one day their child will leave home, I still didn't really imagine it would come so soon. She's only 17, and looks about 15, and as I looked around at the other students it was definitely and OMfreakin'G old they all seemed. Still, her dormmate, Yasmin, is very nice as are her parents and Jimmy, Lauren's bestie forever, lives just down the hill

Move-in could not have gone more smoothly or more pleasantly and while the kids attended a mandatory late afternoon meeting, we parents were invited for refreshments to the Crown College Provost's home, where we chit-chatted, all adult-like, with a group of lovely people including the Dean of Academics. And then we drove away, leaving Lauren on one side of the mountain range while we went to our home on the other side. Still, she called us before we'd even gotten home, asking how we were doing, telling us she missed us and that's where we're at.

At random moments, over the past few months, I'd find myself crying, tearing up really, watching her while she diced veggies for dinner or while she laughed at some silly TV show, even when she'd give me one of those looks like I could not possible have fewer active brain cells. The actual crying would come at other times, during a shower, or while trying to sleep. And that kind of  crying? that will not be going away any time soon because if you've spent anytime with me and my journal, you know how Lauren was ever at my side.

She sent me this

which pretty much sums it up.

We do what we know is right even when we know it will hurt like hell and so it goes.

Cool thing though UCSanta Cruz itself is divided into 10 small colleges each with a different flavor. Lauren is in Crown College -- science & technology -- which is also divided into several houses. Each house is named for a scientist. Hers is Galen and no, we didn't have any say in her houseing assignment.

Peace and love
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