September 25th, 2011

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mission101_my third time around

For me, making a list is a very democratic way of dealing with tasks that need to be done because, once listed, each takes on an equal weight however long that task may take, from several house to a whole year, to complete.
For me, it's all the same

I learned this doing the Summer List with Lauren.
Every task started out as BLACK.
Once it was started or the next one up to be started, we changed its color to BLUE.
Once it  was completed, we changed its color to GRAY.
And if it was a fail, we changed it to RED.
What started becoming important was the changing of the colors, I wanted ALL the tasks, again-no matter how big or how small, to be GRAY and that was the goal we worked towards, but even more important really, was having the next task-to-do in BLUE. Scanning the list, seeing the blues gave us direction, we knew what our next task was and so, we did it, whether making an appointment, watching a movie or going somewhere, we just kept making BLACK things BLUE and BLUE things GRAY. Easy-peasy.

So to summarize:
List One, which lasted 1 year, helped me to organize our life, while
List Two, which lasted 9 months, helped me to routine-ize our life, while
The Summer List was just about Lauren and me, but so that ultimately with
List Three, I could be at a place where PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I can do my art, where I can have the time to do my freakin' art. I must, I will.
Meaning ultimately, it's all about #31 below.

That having been said, on with the show, which actually doesn't begin until October 1st

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