September 28th, 2011

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365 Photography Project Forty-Eighth Post

Some of you may be wondering when-in-hell I'll be with this 365b thing. Weeeeell, soon.
Actually, October 8 is my finally day, but alas, I am going to keep posting photos beyond that date, but, just, as with mission101, in my own way.
As in, I won't be posting a photo for every day, although I will keep taking a photo for every day, but will only be posting the THREE biggest and bestest for every week.
That way I'll get to use my words a bit more. I need to refocus on my words.
With this post, I will have just four more to go.

Sunday September 4, 2011 My book consumption for August was not very good, other things to do, I guess, although Lauren and I did do TWO of the Great Courses. At top is a photo of my long gone cat, Milo and below is photo of a long gone me.

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