February 19th, 2012

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I'm so terribly behind on absolutely everything, this should have been posted last Wednesday, I haven't checked in on my f-list in well over a week, I haven't checked my email in well over a week, which terrifies me just a little, and I have like three, maybe even four, other posts I want to do.
OhMyGosh!!!     OhMyGosh!!!     OhMyGosh!!!

So, to at least start, I present the simplest.

Number of photos: 2
Themes: 84_Hole & 92_Drive


92_Drive_I held the camera back between the passenger's and driver's seats facing forward or Lauren took the photo from the backseat, whatever works best. I like how the GPS, showing the Sirius dog, can be seen.

flickr has all the rest

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I managed three!!

February 14, 2012_Little story_David came home from work only to find me curled morosely into the corner of the couch, wrapped in my warm brown blanket. As is his want, as soon as he's home, he turns on the nightly news with Peter Jennings who began his broadcast by saying something like 'Hope yours was a lovely Valentine's Day'.  I muttered something like 'Huh.' David however, very decisively yelped, 'Ooops,' and bolted back into the garage only to return seconds later with a big grin and mine and Lauren's traditional Valentine's Day chocolates.

Mine are almost gone, hers await her return this coming weekend. I had seriously forgotten, fortunately David hadn't. When Lauren called the next day, I told her that her chocolates were waiting for her, the puppy decorated box that her dad would probably still be getting for her when she was 25. She only said, 'Well, I should hope so!!' :))

February 16< 2012_Getting the newspaper, as usual at 6:30am, I noticed the moon, it looked pretty so, I took its picture.

February 18, 2012_David took me to dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.

the flickr of our lives

I keep using the 'SICK' icon even though I'm not as much so anymore because it's just so cute!!!
I'm sure I'll let go of it by tomorrow.