March 12th, 2012

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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Twenty-Second Post

A slow slow week and so...only two

Friday March 09, 2012_David was dissatisfied with the idea that my PT Cruiser had leather seats while his very cool Mazda didn't so, he purchased a kit, made for his car naturally, that has turned his seats from mere cloth to the equal of mine. His friend, Scott, did the install and David is now---OMG PLEASE---happy with his car.

March10_2012_Saturday_Across from the Spaghetti Factory
Saturday March 10, 2012_Downtown we went again to the Spaghetti Factory, but since I am personally tired of photographing the place, I took a photo of the pretty swell-looking and relatively new-ish condo complex that's location right across the street.

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