March 27th, 2012

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Another Two in One

365 Photography Project_Take 2_Twenty-Fourth Post
Saturday March 24, 2012_Since Lauren would be home for spring break, David got us tickets for the Kevin James & Ray Romano comedy concert at Flint Center in Cupertino. It was a sold out show, this was taken when we first arrived, they were, separately and together, amazingly funny but, unfortunately, since there was no photography allowed during the show, I didn't get a shot of them on stage.

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Second List_Twenty-Second Post_[info]100_snapshots*
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 17_Tangled & 61_Last


61_Last_And why, you may ask, is this 'Last'? Because this lovely print is the very last thing I see before turning off my bedside table lamp

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And let me just say that Livejournal's new batch image loader is not only overdue, but wonderful. Thank you!!!