April 4th, 2012

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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Twenty-Fifth Post

March26_2012_Monday_at Zumi's
Monday March 26, 2012_I needed a purse, Lauren needed shoes, so we went malling. At Zumiez's, the skateboards, where we didn't buy anything.

Wednesday March 28, 2012_Lauren and I went with the Hadleys to see The Legend of Zelda: The Symphony, performed by the George Lucas Symphony and chorus at Davis Symphony Hall in San Francisco. In a word...fabulous. The screen showed the games, but also showed the orchestra, chorus, and prettily dressed audience members
This tells a little about it.
This is the schedule:

March30_2012_FridayHunger Games
Friday March 30_2012_Hunger Games_It's a little hard to read but we attended the 7:30pm showing. Lauren and I had both read the trilogy, David hadn't. Nonetheless, he enjoyed the movie as much as we did and had only a very few questions.

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