May 6th, 2012

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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirtieth Post

Geeeeeeez, is it Sunday already?

Sunday April 29, 2012 _Makeover_New curtains, the first photo is the NEW look, the second is the new curtains having their close-up, and the third is the master bedroom as it once was and under much nicer lighting conditions. Still, I am very happy with the new which have a little silver sheen in some stripes and squares :)) Also, I have three coverlettes which I switch up depending on the season, the new is spring while the old is fall.

Tuesday May 1, 2012_April books et al which looks REALLY not good but that's because the bookclub book, see above and which I really liked, isn't in the wee tiny pile, I gave it to a friend, nor is the 600 page art history (postmodernism) book that I am working my way through...slowly. Still, both of these books, The Gnostic Gospels and Celtic Myths, are on my mission101 so YAY!

Wednesday May 2, 2012_This is the owner of Ristorante Fratello where I had lunch with Cindy and Nancy. He came out to clean up a little as we were leaving, I asked if he minded if I took a photo of his restaurant and he said not at all. I asked if he be in the photo and he said sure. Cindy said, laughing, do something Italian and he took this pose, he said like Fonzarelli, yeah? And we agreed :D

Saturday May 5, 2012_The amazing moon which in my photo isn't all that amazing except it is bright. I just like how the trees surround it like it's nestled in a dark bowl. Most of the time, living in a valley is very cool but not when you want to take brilliant photos of an at-the-horizon moon.

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