May 9th, 2012

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9_MIss_I miss when the kids were this young, I miss this.
My daughter's name, Lauren, is in the blue box, bottom right-ish hand side  written plainly in green.
Also the school, Athenour, was founded in 1965 and closed in 2004, making my daughter's class the last one.

44_Path_These are the kids mentioned above in 2011


93_Surprise_I imagine her looking down and thinking 'Ooops!!!'

flickr has all the rest

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Dear Mister President...

Given the political climate, given that this is probably not the most politically savvy position for President Obama to take, I believe his sincerity. He once said, when running for the senate, that he opposed gay marriage, but that he could not help but feel that history would show that he had come down on the wrong side of the debate. He has now righted that wrong