May 27th, 2012

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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Third Post

Sunday May 20, 2012_3 indirect photos of the eclipse that at least imply we were there.
In the first, the little purple circle is a reflection of the eclipse made inside my camera when its light bounced between the two mirrors,
In the second, David captured its image through a pinhole onto a second sheet of paper, and
In the third, its shape is reflected in the shadows through the leaves of the trees with my shadow taking the photo.

May 23, 2012_the strange insides of a sweet red pepper...again. I love, obviously, cutting open a red pepper and finding a little herd of green peppers growing inside!! Such pretty colors and with the mama pepper in the background.

May 25, 2012_Thistles in Santa Cruz_We arrived early to pickup the kids so, with time to waste, I took photographs of the thistles skirting a barbed wire fence. Lauren chose which to post, the first because it was the most 'classically' pretty and the second because it was the most 'poignant'. Indeed.

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