July 11th, 2012

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Second List Thirty-Seventh Post_100_snapshots

This is my last post for List Two.
I will begin List Three later in the year.
Thanks so much for following along!!

Number of Photographs: 5
Themes: 8_Friend, 57_Danger, 67_Enigma, 72_Progress, & 80_Sparkle

8_Friend_Barbara, here with Lauren, has been my friend since college. We met in an art class.

57_Danger_Note the skull & crossbones

67_Enigma_A mystery wrapped in a shroud??

72_Progress_From photo One taken a year ago to photo Two taken last month, progress has been made.
72_ProgressMay09_2012_Wednesday_Willow Glen

80_Sparkle_Always the cliche...ah well.

flickr has all the rest