October 8th, 2012

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365 Photography Project_Take 3_First Post

October01_2012_Monday_books over the summer
Monday October 1, 2012_Over the summer, I reread a few books I've carried around with me forever. I'd hoped by rereading them, I would understand why I have been carrying them around with me forever and now I do. They are wonderful stories, mostly science-fiction, a genre I love.. 

October03_2012_Wednesday_My Favorite Universe
Wednesday October 3, 2012_I began a new Teaching Company vid called My Favorite Universe by Neil deGrasse Tyson. While a little old (2003), this 12 eppie series was so wonderful and I learned a great deal. He is a terrific, enthusiastic teacher.

For those interested, Spaghettification is is the vertical stretching and horizontal compression of objects into long thin shape in a very strong gravitational field like Black Holes to paraphrase Wikipedia. Cosmologists :-))

October04_2012_Thursday_365 photo project_annotation
Thursday October 4, 2012_It's one thing to remember to take the photos, it's another to get them processed, it's yet another to gather them all up coherently into an album, but without annotation there's much less context than the passage of time requires. So, I annotate, my first project completed under my new mission101 list, my 2nd 365 Project annotated. Go me!!

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The Prince's Trust Palace to Palace Cycle Ride

Benedict Cumberbatch with his Godson's father, Adam Ackland, and their team, BC, are raising money for the 45 miles Palace to Palace bike ride taking place October 14, 2012, as discussed in this tumblr post, to benefit The Prince's Trust.

You can sponsor one or all three here.
I sponsored Mr. Cumberbatch & Mr. Ackland and received very nice emails from both thanking me, generic but still, it's not often you find Benedict Cumberbatch in your inbox and I thrill so very easily these days, that I may have squeed just a little. Still, worthy cause and all that so, if you can, they would truly appreciate your support.

There's more information on the Prince's Trust, which basically helps poor kids in England.

AS ADDED INCENTIVE, as if any were needed, Mr. Benedict said in his email and I quote...'If we go over the target in the next two days I will, tart that i am, share some photos with you of me in training in my fetching cycling gear!' 'Tart' & 'fetching'!!! Who talks like that? I love this man AND, not unreasonably, I want to see him in his 'fetching' bike gear so...just sayin' :DD