December 6th, 2012

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Okay, it may be just me, but...

I find these two very short Adam promos for VH1's Divas, very charming and nicely produced.
Also, YouTube's banner says these are UNLISTED, which I don't understand so, I repost because they, nonetheless, allow me to -enjoy!

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I am, apparently, in a viddie kind of mood

But, seriously, all these swell ones just keep coming my way so, what am I to do but post them for you to enjoy too??

That having been said, here's a quick trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, coming to a theater near you May 17th, with a voice-over by Benedict and he sounds, and looks, amazing.

I can't wait!!! and honestly, I've rewatched this thing like 5 times now. Obsessed much :)
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