March 6th, 2013

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Number 70 on my mission101_Happiness Month

Once, while cruising around the internet, I found something called The Happiness Month and thought, 'Oh hey, would that be fun to put on my list to do next time around".
Well, six months later and I've decide that 'next time around' has arrived and while I am predictably less enthusiastic about it now than I was then, I will do it anyway because It's On The List.

Doing a Happiness Month apparently requires posting 21 days consecutively (I tremble at the thought, but could happen) and
the posts are to be about:
          3 gratitudes (which I have taken to mean...about the past) I've written all these already and will try to group them in some meaningful way.
          1 positive (which I have taken to mean...current as on the day of posting)
          1 act of kindness (which I'm only sometimes going to post about, otherwise, you'll just have to believe in me) and
          some stuff other about, oh you know, exercising and meditation.

Day One
Three Gratitudes_3/ 63
I'm grateful:
          1_that I have lived all my life at various points along the coast of California, from south to north, the ocean never more than 45 minutes away.
          2_that for a time, with my parents, I lived on a hill overlooking a pristine coyote-filled canyon with the Pacific Ocean in the distance and with the most lovely backyard, planted and maintained by my father, to play in.
          3_that for a time, with my parents, I lived on the side of a hill overlooking the greater L.A. Basin toward Topanga Canyon with a view that at night could honestly take your breath away.

One Positive_1/ 21
          I finally started pulling together Lauren’s picture book, yet another project I started long ago, and what I had already completed seven years ago has turned out to be far more relevant and useful than I would have imagined. With only a few hours work, I am further along than I would have expected, having already outlined the narrative and set-up the page layouts. Go me!!

          I did do one act of kindness, something involving the husband and his culinary wants and needs, which differed considerably form mine, but still, without much bitching and moaning, I gave him the meal he wanted, which wasn't at all what I had planned and started preparing. (the highlighted part is the act of kindness, not the feeding of him)
          I did exercise (assuming that dancing vigorously around my kitchen for 15 minutes, working up a sweat, I assure you, counts)
          I did meditate (for 10 minutes which, considering I haven't meditated in over a year surprised me as it only felt like 5 minutes)

Twenty days to go.

Nighty night