June 9th, 2013

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I hadn't seen anyone discussing this Randy Harrison project much so I thought I'd post this latest update from David Michael Barrett, a writer/producer.

Project Update #14: That's A Wrap!

After 15 tireless days of production, Such Good People, wrapped principal photography Friday night.
What an amazing experience for all of us.  Thank you all for your support.  Because of you we were able to make this movie.
           The story of producing Such Good People is really one of how today’s technology and social media can bring people together to make a movie. Ten years ago this would have been impossible. We not only raised our initial funds on Kickstarter, we also shot the film on the Red Epic camera, the same camera that shot “The Hobbit.” (Yeah, “The Hobbit”). Shooting a small film with a digital camera like this requires very little lighting, which makes a huge difference in terms of production time and money. And in the hands of our very talented director of photography, Gigi Malavisi, we can already tell the movie is going to have a great look.
          We also were genuinely lucky to have our fantastic and crazy-talented cast. They worked very long hours, embraced the low-budget adventure of the project, and were our creative collaborators in every regard. No matter how frantic it was getting to the point where director Stewart Wade called “Action” -- once the camera was rolling, what we saw on screen was nothing less than magic.
We also have to thank every cast member’s agent, manager, and lawyer for helping make this project happen.
          We were so lucky to have Michael Urie and Randy Harrison as our stars. They are not only brilliant and hilarious, they are also endlessly inventive, tireless, and were our partners in making the movie. They were also just (have to say this) such good people. We asked a lot from them – and they were there for us all day, every day. Plus, the entire cast, crew and production fell totally in love with them. How could we not?
          Even though we are a small movie with very limited resources, we had the help, it seems, from the entire community of Los Angeles (and beyond).

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