July 9th, 2013

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Saturday June 1, 2013_May Reading & vids
June01_2013_Sunday_May reading & vids
I've been all about rereading lately, books of my (and Lauren's) youth. My youth is represented by Orwell's Nineteen Eight-Four and Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. Both books held much meaning to me when still a teen and rereading them has reminded me why. Bradbury was an especially favorite which definitely puts me NOT in the hard core science-fiction camp. Representing Lauren's youth is The Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix. The Fall is book one of seven.
Black Holes Explained certainly did (only 6 half-hour episodes) while Writing Creative Nonfiction (24 episodes) was full of terrific tips, pitfalls, and insights.

Tuesday June 4, 2013_I desperately needed to prune my rose tree so I did. One cut vine fell on a low growing juniper and I liked the look so I photographed it with just a bit of purposeful arranging.

Monday June 24, 2013_We lunched in Willow Glen and on our way back to my car, I saw this nicely designed antique store window. A little vignette!

Friday June 28, 2013_Our luggage, packed and ready to go, for our week-long Los Angeles driving vacation.

Sunday June 30, 2013_The La Brea Tar Pit Museum
June30_2013_Sunday_La Brea Tar Pits
This place was such fun. We did a tour with a docent who was full of interesting information. This is a working museum with the Project 23 tar pit being dug every day. While we were there a Saber-tooth cat's skull was found!! Inward toward the museum, behind the earthen berm which surrounds it, the bones are kept in metal cases, very protected. The frieze runs the entire top of the building.The museum also contains a working laboratory where technicians are kept busy cleaning the bones.

Also June 30, 2013_The Santa Monica Pier.
June30_2013_Sunday_Santa Monica Pier
I have more photographs of LA and Santa Barbara which I plan on posting later.

Also, just as a little aside, Lauren has us working on this 1,000 piece puzzle so if I should seem vaguely suicidal over the next few days that's only because I will be :)