September 30th, 2013

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Snagged from tumblr & YouTube &TED-ED_ConLangs or constructed languages

Unlike Tolkien's Elvish, Dothraki, from Game of Thrones, Na'vi, from Avatar, and Klingon, from Star Trek are now all considered actual languages. So cool! And why? Because they have grammar.

FROM tumblr
'John McWhorter translates the story of conlangs (constructed languages) into plain English. It’s not all about vocabulary (like the thousands of words invented for the Klingon language), it’s about the construction of detailed language rules. Tolkein’s Elvish syntax played grandfather to all these modern conlangs because it, and they, share a lot of the weirdness and evolution of our own language, changing over time and frustrating even its most regular speakers.'

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