February 3rd, 2014

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365 Photography Project_4th_Janaury Post

At the beginning of each month, I start a folder with that month's nane on it, as in January Printing, in order to collect up my photography from that month, whether for these monthly 365-ish posts or for the 3 to 4 times a month 100_snapshots posts, for printing.

And at the beginning of each month I wonder whether or not I'll have anything in it, anything to post, anything to print when the month ends. Amazingly enough, so far, I have. Life has given me something to take pictures about each and every month!

At the moment, February's remains empty.
Happily, for me anyway, January is not :)

Thursday January 2, 2014_Decbember reading and vidding. Two books and one video series about writing and one book about what it was like to be a rocket ridding, shuttle crew member, Riding Rockets was my rec for my bookclub this last time. Enjoyable each and every one, The Art of Character was especially in-depth with exercises I didn't, but will have to go back to do. Fantasy and Science Fiction has almost every blank page scribbled in with my Notes to Self. both of these are definitely going to be rereads :)
January02_2014_Thursday_December books

Saturday January 4, 2014_We joined the Hadley's at our favorite little Italian place to celebrate mine and Cindy's combined birthdays, hers being on Christmas day and mine being on New Years Eve. This has become a six or seven year tradition which, as traditions go for us, is very nearly forever.
January04_2014_Saturday_Dinner out

Thursday January 16_2014_Downtown_I find it very weird but people here in San Jose can live their lives in the suburbs and never come downtown where there is much to do. My friend, Cindy, is one of those people so, I took her, via lightrail, to Third Thurdsays, at our museum. First though, after learning she had never even been in the cathedral, I took her there. At the museum, several vendors, mostly of jewelry, which Cindy loves and don't really care very much about, were showing their wares in the entryway.
After Cindy checked out everything, we walked through the museum which was having a exhibit called Hidden Heros: The Genius of Everyday Things, two galleries full of lovely displays, two displays from which are below, Bar Codes and Umbrellas :)
January16_2014_Thursday_bar codesJanuary16_2014_Thursday_umbrellas

Friday January 17_2014_For the first time, I got the flue shot because, at least around here, the flue is especially affecting young people and since I, and most everyone I know, have one of those, it seemed best to be cautious. I got mine in the kid's room at the Action Urgent Care walk-in place, which just opened a few months ago across the street in our little mall.
January17_2014_Friday_flue shot

Tuesday January 28_2014_I was beginning to think the sky had forgotten how to rain so, when it sprinkled on nearly the last day of California's normally 'wettest month' of January, I was pleased, we were pleased. It has rained a tiny bit more and really, this amount won't help us one bit, but still, it's good to know the sky hasn't completely forgotten how to do one of its important functions.

We've had something like 2 inches each in San Francisco, Oakland and here in San Jose since last July 1st. The news shows the Central Valley farmers with their dry dry earth, with nothing growing. The Sierra snowpack, where most of our water comes from, is negligible, no skiing, and more importantly, no snow melting into the reservoirs which are exceeding low. So, expect pics of wetness, should we get more rain because without water, the farmers can not grow the food that helps feed this nation and that's not good for any of us.