September 29th, 2014

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That which begins must eventually come to an end_Final Update_5th mission101

I completed 94 of 101 tasks leaving 7 as BIG FAT failures. Ah well.
          Six of those failures comprise one catagory of tasks, Lauren's little book, and have been uncerimoniously moved to my next mission101, which I will post about tomorrow. Oh JOY!!

If someone were to ask, I'd have to say that my biggest accomplishment this past year has been in organizing our big huge collection of photographs, ours plus my parents and my grandparents which I inherited several years ago. The tasks involved seemed overwhelming, but step by step, finally have been done.

I took what had been 20 or so smallish albums, of dubious quality, created by my mom and turned them into 3 largish albums, of archival quality. This was not easy. I got rid of close to 1,500 photographs, both duplicates, whenever the parents went on a trip, I recieved a set of their photos, and ones the parents had put into albums that had since completely discolored their images. So sad, but necessary.

My goal is to make our possessions as easy as possible for Lauren to keep when she inherites them, someday in the far far future, and accomplishing this part of that goal goes along way to helping her do just that. I showed her my handiwork and she was well pleased. YAY!!

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All done :)