February 3rd, 2015

icon 00_mission101_06

An oh-so-brief four-month update on my mission101 AND an amazing little statistic

So, end of January means one-third of my mission101 time is fini and what do I have to show for it?
          Well: out of a possible 101 projects, I have 39 Completed with 40 Still to Complete and with 22 OnGoing, which means projects that can't be completed until the very very end, things that represent the daily ins-and-outs of my little life, routines I'm trying to establish or keep established.
          In essence, you could say I'm about half way complete if you imagine, as I do, that I'll fairly well maintain the daily stuff. Which sounds good, doesn't it? But reality, I did the easier projects first saving, as I am wont to do, the harder things for later.
          Still, I'm good with it. The details can be found here.

To which I say whoa!!!