May 16th, 2015

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Just a Singer in a Local Punk Band

Just a Singer in a Local Punk Band
Pitsburgh & New York_Fall 2008

It isn’t as if the emails ever really stop, they don’t. It’s just that over time, over the first year, then over the second, and finally into the third, the emails gradually become less frequent, become less informative about the things that really matter, become somehow less significant. Brain still periodically sends his missives into the ether, but their urgency decreases over time. Because of Mark and Kenneth and especially because of Jayden, Brain becomes more at ease with himself and his place in the world. And so, since he hasn’t yet found another way of talking to Justin in the middle of the night, for a time, Brian becomes quieter.

And it isn’t as if the visits ever really stop, they don’t either. It’s just that over that same time, the time between each becomes longer, less time spent together, more time spent apart with even what little time they do have for each other becoming somehow less meaningful, less about them and more about events and projects and those Altman-like moments of the entire family coming together. Because, after all, isn’t this the time when Justin is supposed to learn how to fly on his own, the time when he’s supposed to come out from under Brian’s wing and stretch his own? This is the time when he’s supposed to learn how to become true to himself and he obviously can’t very well be doing all that if he’s only using his wings to flying back to Pittsburgh. So, he doesn’t. For a time, Pittsburgh becomes very back-burner.

And it isn’t as if the sex, the passion, the love between them ever fades. If anything all of that only grows deeper, becomes even more precious because of its very unpredictability.
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