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May 26th, 2015

When Your Past Catches Up to His Future

This was a chalenge where the story needed to deal with Brian and Gus

When Your Past Catches Up to His Future
New York and Toronto_2012

It was late night still, not yet early morning, not yet 3am when they arrived home, a Friday night dance club kind of tired, taking the express elevator to the thirty-fifth floor. They could have taken the regular elevator, it was waiting for them with open doors, but they chose to wait, realizing that in their year and a half of using the express, they’d become spoiled, felt entitled and they were fine with that. Living in Manhattan, on Wall Street, in the Philippe Starck building, could do that to a person. And they were just fine with it.

The answering machine’s red light blinked in the dimness of nighttime light as they made their way into the living room. Brian instructed, “Messages,” listening as the familiar feminine voice filled the otherwise quiet space telling him that there were two, both from Lindsay Peterson, one left at 8pm, the other at 11:30pm. “Play.” He hovered over the machine, absently tapping a pencil, the eraser-soft rhythm of tap…tap tap -- tap…tap tap on the tabletop’s glass reflecting his anxiousness.

Already on his way down the hallway, Justin paused and, leaning against the wall, only half-seen in the nearly dark, he waited too.
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'A rainbow over Dublin. Proof that nature has a sense of humor.'


Their Gift of Always

Two Christmas exchange stories, plus four drabbles, combined into one.

Their Gift of Always

Brian picked him up at Pittsburgh International, his flight, unexpectedly, right on time. “Sooo, one last time…huh?” Justin said, bringing his lips close to Brian’s ear, his hip bumping Brian’s for emphasis as they began snaking their way through the third level airport parking garage, finally reaching the 'Vette with little strain or stress.

“Yeah, guess so,” Brian said, unlocking his door, opening it for him, and closing it behind him once he was safely inside.

“Yeah, guess so,” Justin chuckled and, throwing his carry-on into the space behind him, hearing the purr-vroom of the engine as Brian started the car, he sighed, “Guess so.” Glancing at Brian’s profile, silhouetted dark against the light of the garage, he smiled a melancholy half-smile, his chosen response to the upcoming shift in their reality.
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