May 29th, 2015

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The Journey

My first fanfic

The Journey_AU
NYC_Christmas 2002 to Christmas 2004

Stepping from the warmth of the taxicab, wind-buffeted by icy gusts ricocheting off of the lower Manhattan high-rises, tugging at his hat, lowering its brim over his forehead, turning up his collar, his trench coat already buttoned and belted, and tucking his leather-gloved hands deep into its wool-lined pockets, he hesitated, needing a little more time to ready himself, watching as his taxicab disappeared into the near yellow sea of heavy early morning traffic. Taking a long look at the building-crowded, people-clogged vista down Broadway, Brian Kinney then walked through the rotating glass doors of his final destination, the Harker Building, and quite possibly to a brand new life.
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