August 8th, 2015

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365 Photography Project_5th_July Post

A mixed bag this month and a wee bit late :)

Month of July_Lauren has been doing some dog-sitting for friends. On the left are Ozzie and Batman, dachshunds from Los Gatos and on the right is Finn, a lovely mutt from San Jose.

Wednesday July 1, 2015_June reading_I reread the first two books of the Beggars trilogy, Beggars In Spain and Beggars And Choosers, and enjoyed them even more than the first time around. I also read the Essentials of Philosophy, a book that had been lying around for far too many years waiting for me to read it and which I enjoyed quite a lot. And lastly, I read The Girl on the Train for my bookclub. While the writing is lovely, I wasn't sure if I was enjoying the storyline until the end when the plot resolved itself in a way I finally did enjoy. Also, one of the characters gets black-out drunk while you're in their POV and I hated that feeling of claustrophobia, disorientation and vulnerability. Good writing :)

Thursday July 2, 2015_A pretty morning sky!

Saturday July 4, 2015_The gathering crowd from our location at Lake Almaden a couple of hours before the fireworks were to begin. It was much more crowded by then.

At which point, we realized that the comfy tree I had been leaning on was in the way. Oh well :)

Sunday July 5, 2015_A demonstration of how much water before was just now running down the kitchen sink drain but that is now being captured to be used to water my outdoors potted plants. Desperate times require measures that really aren't all that desperate

Monday July 27, 2015_The out-back patio of Acqui where I met my friend, Barbara, for a delightful lunch. Within ten minutes, the entire patio, much of which can't be seen, was full of happy diners.

All done!