February 1st, 2016

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Photography Project_6th_January Post

Friday January 1, 2016_This is my birthday present from David because he knows how much I adore the painter, Jsper Johns who is, as we speak, approaching 86 amazing years old. David snagged the photos, of him at various ages, from google then sized and framed them and now it hangs in our hallway making me happy every day when I pass it by :) The photo in the upper right is one of my favorites of him, on the right, with the painter, Robert Rauschenberg while they lived in New York, in lower Manhattan, in a condemned warehouse on Pearl Street I think, in adjacent studios, in 1955.

Something a little different this time because, I have no 'real' photographs, a very quiet month :)
Can be clicked for large.

Monday January 25, 2016_I'm posting photos of a drawing I'm in the middle of. I had the tree drawn out so, this is the first day, DAY 1 of beyond the initial sketch. Each day represents maybe 2 to 4 hours of drawing. Wouldn't think so by looking at them but yeah, takes a little time.

Wednesday January 27, 2016_DAY 2_I went UP!

Friday January 29, 2016_DAY 3_I went west!

Sunday January 31, 2016_DAY 4_I went north and west. Confussing.