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January 23rd, 2018

Just another post from the March

Saturday found me, my husband, David, and our son, Aaron downtown San Jose for another yearly installment of The Women's March and while somewhat different from last years, a little more sedate, a lot more signage-specific, seemingly many more people, it was a beautiful day. Perfect California blue-sky weather. Lovely unobtrusive San Jose cops. Inspirational Speakers. Creatively adorned men, women, children which ran the gambit from wee babies to couples in their 80s. What more I can add is photos, random and mainly taken on the move.

Two above the cut and several more below, one of which is my all-time favorite way of taking street-photos, that of using reflecting glass :)

We, naturally, took lightrail downtown and while last year, we were able to sit, this year, happily, not so much. At our stop to board, the train was already standing-room only :)
              In the second photo, we are walking our way down Santa Clara Street to City Hall, the silvery building in the background to the right. Just in front of me is Aaron and to his right, David. So much fun strolling down the middle of an otherwise very busy main street. Once we got to City Hall, where everyone was to gather, we simply turned around and marched back the way we had come. The city planners have maintained much of this street's old-building character. Although it is bookended by big buildings.

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The End. Installment Three in January of 2019.

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