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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Second Post

Tuesday May 15, 2012_I helped Katie and her garden club for a 2nd month, deadheading the roses.

Wednesday May 16, 2012_I met with Barbara for lunch, again in Willow Glen, but this time at Bills. Next time I'll get a photo of her!! She's seated, although I didn't know it when I took the photo, to the right of the server.

As some of you may know, here in the US, Saturday May 19th was National River Cleanup Day. I participated for the first time and, man, what a learning experience. This is a photo of just some of what was collected during the 3 hours we worked. A good haul.

This is the lovely Guadalupe River where we worked, which runs from the summit, I believe, in the Santa Cruz Mountains through downtown San Jose where it has been made into a 3-mile park.

Where I worked was between the mountains and downtown where River Cleanup workers, actually and sadly, found a body. Having watched as much NCIS as I have, don't think the possibility didn't cross my mind every time I parted the brush.

The photo to the left is of a fish ladder helping.

the flickr of our lives

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