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Second List Thirty-First Post_100_snapshots
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Number of photos: 4
Themes: 31_Suspended, 40_Laugh, 78_Miniature, & 90_Share


40_Laugh_Obviously a pic from December, a Santa convention

78_Miniature_Another from last December

90_Share_Paul shares with Jimmy & Lauren

flickr has all the rest

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I love both holiday pics -- they're such fun and the angle in the first makes for a cool view!

The first was taken at a mall and really was a Santa Convention in Sacramento, not something we expected to find but certainly were fun to watch :)

The first shot is amazing! Love the Santas too.

thank you!! all you have to do sometimes is remember to look up :D
And yeah, the Santas were a unexpected and lovely find.

(Deleted comment)
definitely my favorite.

Wow! That is one amazing picture in an amazing set. I also love the vivid colors in Share. Lovely picture. FanSee

thank you!!! I almost didn't use that one, I'm glad I did. Share is in a tech museum hence the colors :)

I almost didn't use that photo, I'm certainly glad I changed my mind :D

There sure are a lot of Santa Claus-es around :D

Loved the pics! Especially the first one. :)

there sure were a lot of Santas, all eating and drinking and carousing...good times :D

Glad you enjoyed!

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