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YAY!!! JC Penney!!!
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I received this in an email which I quote in its entirety. Any bolding is theirs

gayle -

Last month, JC Penney came under fire for running an ad in its Mother's Day catalog that featured a family with two moms -- one group even threatened a boycott unless JC Penney pulled the ad. 

Laura Sumner has two moms, and she started a petition on Change.org asking JC Penney to stand by its ad featuring two moms -- nearly 190,000 people signed, including you. 

And then something amazing happened: JC Penney did Laura one better. 

Not only did JC Penney stand by its ad featuring two moms, in its June Father's Day catalog, it ran an ad featuring a family with two dads.

"It warms my heart to know that children with same sex parents are finally seeing their families represented," Laura says. "I was never able to experience this as a child, so witnessing this progress truly gives me hope for the future of our society."

This is what it looks like to eradicate homophobia -- little by little, one joyous family at a time.

Thanks for being a change-maker, from Laura's family and ours,

- Mike and the Change.org team

Does a little happy dance!!

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I had received this email as well...
**doing happy dance with you**

I'm glad you're a part of change.org.

We always seem to bitch about the bad, but we also must acknowledge the good :D

It is!! One step, in the right direction, at a time.

Okay, now this is really cool. JC Penney of all places.

IKR? I haven't shopped there in over a decade. I did at least send them an email thanking them for fighting the good fight, I should probably start shopping there though, they'd undoubtedly appreciate that more :D

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