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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Fifth Post

June05_2012_Tuesday_venus and the sun
Tuesday June 5, 2012_I spent the greater part of the afternoon-evening watching the transit of the sun by Venus at the NASA EDGE, Hawaii webcam site. Fabulous fun!!! Especially fun also was watching the little vid from the international space station with its accompanying photos of the transit as seen by the station's 7 amazing camera. We live in an awesome time.

June06_2012_Wednesday_Frankenstein at Oakridge with Lauren
Wednesday June 6, 2012_I picked up Lauren in Santa Cruz at 3:30. We drove over the hill and were to Oakridge Mall by 5:00 where we met David, on his way home from work, at BJ's for pizza. By 6:00, David was on his way home and Lauren and I were on our way to the theater to wait  for Frankenstein which began at 7:00. We spent the 45 minute wait discussing BBC Sherlock :DD

Happily, the theater set-up the projector wrong and we were able to watch the entire opening 'birth' sequence with Jonny Lee Miller in the role of the monster before those in charge realized that it should be Benedict in that role. They started again, at the beginning, and we were able to compare and contrast the two actors' way of doing this most powerful scene. YAY!!

June07_2012_Thursday_Santa Cruz deer
Thursday, June 7, 2012_I drove Lauren back to Santa Cruz, got out of my car, heard some rustling, looked over and found her. She lazily continued on her way, munching here, munching there, completely unconcerned about us. Very cool.

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