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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Eighth Post
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June25_2012_Mondayx June25_2012_Monday
Monday June 25, 2012_Our lunch before Brave from Erik's Deli & Cafe, Lauren and I shared butternut squash soup, a Reuben sandwich, and raspberry tea...yum yum!!!
And two posters for the movie, which was wonderful btw :))

Tuesday June 26, 2012_The Healthcare reform ruling!!!!!

Wednesday June 27, 2012_Lauren and I had lunch at Siena's with Barbara, which was especially nice since Barbara and Lauren hadn't seen each other since last summer. Barbara had just gotten back from the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland OR, so she had lots to talk about.

flickr has all the rest

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Mmm, first one makes me hungry.

Health care!! \o/

First one was very yummy and just the right amount so we still felt comfortable during the movie which immediately followed :)

'Health care!! \o/'

At first, I thought the butternut squash soup was mustard, so glad it was soup! You hardly ever post photos of you and Lauren together - it's nice to see one.

I obviously didn't phrase that last photo right, it's of Lauren with Barbara. As usual, I'm the one behind the lens :DD

Lunch looks yummy.

Nce pic of you and your friend. :)

Lunch was yummy, I wouldn't have necessarily tried the Reuben but at Lauren's insistence, I'm not a huge sauerkraut fan, and I'm glad I did. And I agree, the pic of Lauren and Barbara came out very nice. They both think so too :D

Yay for all these wonderful and celebratory moments!

I'm looking forward to seeing Brave -- how was it?

'Yay for all these wonderful and celebratory moments!'
I know, right? Some good things are happening!

'I'm looking forward to seeing Brave -- how was it?'
We enjoyed it very much. The narrative was somewhat expected, but the movie was so beautifully done and with such a charming lead character that we would both recommend it highly :D

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