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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Ninth Post

July01_2012_Sunday_Naturals Bridges July01_2012_Sunday_exploring
Sunday July 2, 2012 First Photo_Natural Bridges yet again. And again, for those who are interested, there once were two of these stone "bridges' separated from the shore, but one of them fell down so, while they still call this place Natural Bridges, it is actually Natural s. Second Photo_I captured three, of four, kids going off to explore tide pools and such, Jimmy, Lauren and Joanna. James is off to the left :(

July04_2012_Wednesday_crowd July04_2012_Wednesday_fireworks July04_2012_Wednesday_Jimmy & Lauren
Wednesday July 4, 2012_We return to Morgan Hill once again for America's Happy Birthday celebration. First Photo_Celebrants taken in line while waiting to order hot chocolate because it was very cold. Second Photo_A self-explanatory not great pic of gun powder made pretty. Third Photo_Out-of-focus Jimmy smiling while Lauren

July05_2012_Thursday_on our way July05_2012_Thursday_arrived Thursday July 5, 2012 First Photo_We're at the Branham lightrail station heading downtown. You may note that in the parking lot across the highway, the tippy-top of the cream color car to the extreme left is mine :D Second Photo_Our destination, San Jose's Modern Art Museum. The old original building houses one large gallery, the gift store and the Cafe with two floors of gallery space in the new-ish building.

flickr has all the rest

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