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The Toledo Ohio saga continues with Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, which is VERY pretty and somewhat old, at least in an American kind of way.


Faraway...with reflections.

The other way with Susan, my husband's cousin and our guide, and Lauren.

Some very sweet angels.
Friday July 28, 2012_The Old West End_Rosary Cathedral. The link takes you to Wiki which has a photo of the outside.

the flickr of our lives

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You don't usually see these Spanish style churches in the East. It's beautiful.

isn't it stunning? I was surprised as well. And no one else was around, we had this beautiful place all to ourselves :)

I went to the church website and tried the virtual tour link to find information about the angels with their shields but didn't find any - I can see the spear, nails, crown, whip, and what looks like other tools and then the marble column. Not sure about the significance of the column. Love the church.

I just thought they were cute :D leave it to you to do research :)

I know, right? And we had this place all to ourselves, the grounds keeper even turned on the lights just for us :)

(Deleted comment)
Impressive! :)
Although it also has a bit of that "Vegas goes Europe" vibe, that sometimes makes me giggle.

Thanks for posting these.

You are more than welcome and yeah, I know what you mean, a LOT of ornamentation, but all authentic to its time, I imagine. You have to admit though, those six little angels are pretty cute, at least I think so :D

Beautiful! Must be amazing in person.

It was amazing in person especially since we had it all to ourselves, the grounds keeper even had to turn on the lights for us!

I have never before heard of the Cathedral of Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary which is obviously an omission on my part. Gorgeous. And I do love the angels. FanSee

Obviously an omission on your part and mine as well. It is thankfully mostly just called Rosary Cathedral. And seriously, aren't those angels just the cutest guys!??! *Le sigh*

Wow, that's pretty intricate. I love seeing old churches, thanks for posting. :)

Glad you enjoyed. And I agree, I love seeing old churches also especially when, like this one, they are all quiet and peaceful, no one else was around but us.

The photos are wonderful. Wish I could get something like that with my point and shoot.

The cathedral is too busy for me when I lightened the shadows. I imagine it's gorgeous, though.

In person.

Love the reflections.


Thank you and yes, it is gorgeous, quiet and peaceful...and shiny :D

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