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I'm waaaaaay behind but back at home at last, so I should be able to catch up within the next couple of days.

This is the last part of my July 15 to July 21 weekly post, just a couple of photos from the day we drove north to Ann Arbor MI for their yearly Art Festival :)) No photos of the art, just of the art lovers.

July21_2012_Saturday_Ann arbor art fair_shoppers
Festival goers!

July21_2012_Saturday_Ann arbor art fair_state theater
More festival and a cool old theater!!

More festival goers and a cool old church!!!
Saturday July 21, 2012_Ann Arbor Michigan Art Fair

the flickr of our lives

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The festival looks like it was busy and fun. I love the buildings you captured in the background.

The festival was a lot of fun, if a little too hot but very busy, very crowded, which is great for the artists!! Ann Arbor is a lovely city so it was easy to find old buildings to use as backdrops :D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!!!
This is a large festival spanning four days and most of downtown Ann Arbor. We saw some amazing work and were very impressed.

Ah, I love Ann Arbor. I went to Bank Camp there in the 1980's, two Mays in a row, so no festival for me.

You know I love pictures with people in them. I'm always hoping I'll snap something amazing. Sometimes I do. FanSee

I had never been before so YAY for a new experience and really, you're not all that far away, are you? Maybe next year you could make the festival, I am told people come from around the entire country.

I rarely take pics with people in them, but I taken advantage when I can and festivals are ideal. And isn't it wonderful when something, or someone, amazing turns up in a photo :D

The theater is gorgeous. I hope it is well protected and loved.

Downtown Ann Arbor is gorgeous, looks like just the kind of place that would take loving care of its old architecture. Have you been there?

I have been to various cities in Michigan, but not Ann Arbor.

Looks like a great festival. :)

It really was, such a variety of artists. It was very inspiring :)

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