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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Forty-Second Post

Still late so... this is still Ohio, our second, and final, week there. 

July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Dinner
July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Louie_Googie_Lily
July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Fallow July22_2012_Sunday_John & Marilyns_Planted
Sunday July 22, 2012_We (we being Lucy, David, Lauren and I) visited John, a kind of uncle to David although he's not Lucy's brother, & Marilyn's country home, which is located about an hour outside of Toledo, where we ate well, played with their three dogs, Louie, Googie and Lily, and drove through lovely countryside both fallow and green.

July23_2012Z_Monday_Star Trek
Monday July 23, 2012_Lauren and I had wanted to attend the Star Trek Next Generation Fathom Event here in San Jose and so, we were delighted we when we discovered that it was showing on the very same nigh at a very local theater to us in Toledo. They showed two of the remastered episodes from Season One plus interviews with all the major cast members. Such fun!!! The remastering of this series has been a major undertaking and is stunningly done. If you were into STNG and haven't already, you probably should check it out.

July28_2012_Saturday_flying home
Saturday July 28, 2012_Just outside of Toledo on our way home and taken by Lauren.

The flickr of our lives

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