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Just trying to get caught up :-D This past week, ending July, was simple.

July29_2012_Sunday_donating blood
Sunday July 29, 2012_Donating blood
Ironic little story_Over a year ago, when it was discovered that Lauren has O Neg blood, the Stanford Blood Bank started calling, but despite my trying to convince her, she really didn't want to donate again, I think because finding out that she has the rarest blood type both scared her and made her angry. Still, when Stanford called yet again this summer, she finally agreed and we both signed up, for 9am the morning AFTER our return from Ohio, the most convenient time at the most convenient location available.

Well...after arriving, once we'd answered a bunch of questions and had taken a little battery of test, while I was good to go, they informed her that she couldn't donate, at least not that day, because her blood pressure was too low at 110 over 40 instead of like mine at 110 over 75, probably because she just naturally has low blood pressure and was very dehydrated from being trapped on a plane the entire day before where she'd refused to drink water because she, more importantly, refuses to use airplane bathrooms. WILL NOT. Just a little neurotic, I guess.

So, I was able to donate while she wasn't and now, I must reschedule (she insists :-DDD) making sure she is utterly and entirely hydrated the day before we go.

July31_2012_JTuesday_uly books
Tuesday July 31, 2012_July reading and viewing_I finished 2/ 3rds of Dante's Divine Comedia, (I was more engaged with Inferno than with Purgatorio, but liked them both) plus Lauren and I watched the first season of The Wild Thornberrys and Optimizing Brain Fitness, which actually changed how we manage our day!!! and I finished The History of the English Language, my 2nd time through.

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Aug. 8th, 2012 10:39 am (UTC)
That was a very strange turn of events at the blood bank. I gave once, and although I'm neeedle-phobic I would give again but I can't. I take meds for bleeding issues. :/
Aug. 8th, 2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
it was strange, once they told Lauren, she vaguely remembered that she had just made the blood pressure cut-off the first time she donated in highschool. They gave us other hints on how to raise her pressure so she should be fine next time. One thing, she doesn't have to worry about salt...and yet she does :-D And I can imagine you can't donate if you're on meds, they even asked about when we had last taken aspirin!
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