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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Forty-Eighth Post

I am actually only ONE DAY late!!!
What madness is this??

September02_2012_Sunday_August books
Sunday September 2, 2012
August books_Night Circus is this month's bookclub book AND is an amazing story about magic, beautifully written. Woolf's Orlando is also an amazing and complex story, came to me highly recommended by flashfly, about a long-lived human being who first tastes life as a man and then as a's Surreal.
DVDs_Teaching Company's London: A Short History was terrifically fun to watch especially with the Olympics going on simultaneously. Teaching Company's Your Deceptive Mind talks to the falacies of our critical thinking and how to try at least to mitigate those facacies' negative effects. Hey Arnold and Dexter's Laboratory are two of Lauren's favortie kid-hood cartoons that I'm buying her the first seasons of.

September05_2012_Wednesday_Mr Clinton
Wednesday_September 5, 2012_Mr. Clinton, off our TV, at the Democratic National Convention.

September06_2012_Thursday_DNC Launch party
Thursday September 6, 2012_Lauren and I ventured downtown to the Democratic National Commitee's headquarters to join others for President Obama's acceptance speech. Such great fun!!!

The flickr of our lives

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