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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Forty-Ninth Post

Thursday September 13, 2012_Lauren & I got our bloodwork done, at 8am at a blood center which, happily, was directly across the street from one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, Country Inn, for our physicals tomorrow.

September14_2012_Friday_English dinnerSeptember14_2012_Friday_English dinner_detail
Friday September 14, 2012_Lauren and Jimmy created an English Dinner which consisted of a first course of (not shown) broccoli soup with Irish Soda bread, a second course of (shown) Scotch Eggs, Cornish Pasties, and a fresh pea & canellini salad with a dessert course of (not shown) mince meat tartlets, treacle tartlets, (apparently Harry Potter's favorite dessert) and a berry-soaked brioche fruit-stuffed loaf with clotted cream. It took the kids two days to prepare everything actually ordering the treacle from England. Fabulous!!!

September15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup-ASeptember15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup_C
September15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup_BSeptember15_2012_Saturday_River cleanup
 Saturday September 15, 2012_River Cleanup Day Fall Edition_Lauren working with grass and condos in the background plus 3 photos of the area where we, and the other volunteers, were working.

The flickr of our lives

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