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mission101_3rd_Last Update

Done is Done
even if a few days early
I have nothing else to contribute to thismission101

31_Creative Arts_one month per activity_6/ 12_on going
78_ Piece 4
79_ Piece 5
80_Piece 6
81_Piece 7
82_Piece 8
83_Piece 9
97_Participate in one to two OnDemand exercise programs twice per week_0/ 50_FAIL

        Roses with Katie_6/ 6 times_Various
        Stamp Out Hunger_Donated 2 bags of food_Completed May_2012
        National River Cleanup Day-Completed March_2012
        Donate Blood_July 29_Gayle
        National Ocean Cleanup Day_September 15_2012

2_365 Photography Project_Complete First  Year_Completed October_2011
3_365 Photography Project_1/ 2
        Second Year_Completed Oct_2011
        Post 3 best photographs per week_50/ 52
4_365 Photography Porject_Print out 2 sets of prints_Completed November_2011
5_Add to Travel Album_Boston/ New York_Harry Potter World_Sacramento CA_3/ 3
        Select 75 photos from each city_Completed October 2011
        Have a set printed_Completed October 2011
        Add to album_Completed October 2011
6_100_snapshots_First_Print out 2 sets of prints_2/ 
        For Gayle_100_Completed December_2011
        For Lauren_50_Completed December_2011
7_100_snapshots_Produce my album_Completed December_2011
8_100_snapshots_2/ 2
        First List_ Completed November_2011
        Second List_Post weekly_37/ 37_Completed July_2011
9_Purchase DSLR_Received a Nikon Coolpix L120 for Christmas_Complete December_2011
10_Photography: Read and understand manual for Coolpix_Completed April_2012


11_Art:21 PBS Series_Complete 1st Season_4/ 4_Completed October_2011
12_Art:21 PBS Series_Complete 2nd Season_4/ 4­_Completed October_2011
13_Art:21 PBS Series_Complete 3rd Season_4/ 4_Completed October_2011
14_Art:21 PBS Series_Complete 4th Season_4/ 4_Completed October_2011
15_Art:21 PBS Series_Complete 5th Season_4/ 4_Completed October_2011

16_Harry Potter (rewatch)_Marathon all movies_8/ 8_Completed January_2012
17_Joseph Campbell_Mythos I_rewatch_Completed October_2011
18_Joseph Campbell_Mythos II_rewatch_Completed October_2011
19_Joseph Campbell_The Hero’s Journey_rewatcwed_Completed October_2011

20_Joseph Campbell_The Power of Myth_Nov_2011_Completed November_2011
21_Why Quilts Matter: History, Art, Politics_10/ 10_Completed December_2011


22_Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft_rewatch_24/ 24_Completed October_2011
        Plus The Art of Reading_rewatch_24/ 24_Completed Ocobert_2011
23_ Psychology of Human Behavior_rewatch_36/ 36_Completed October_2011
        Understanding the Brain_rewatch_36/ 36_Completed February_2012
24_History of English Language_rewatch_36/ 36_Completed November_2011
25_Philosphy as a Guide to Living_24/ 24_Completed January_2012

26_House _one month maintenance rotation_10/ 12_on going
            A-masterbedroom & hallway_B-den & entryway_C-diningroom & livingroom_D-kitchen
27_Yard_one month maintenance rotation_7/ 12_on going
            A-Courtyard_B-backyard_C-both side yards & 3 parking strips_D-Front yard
28_Menu_one month rotation_9/ 12_on going
29_Organizations_one per month donations_12/ 12_on going

30_Month-end maintenance_12/ 12_on going
            A-External back-up_B-shave_C-hot water_D-whites&shower curtain_E-bleach-drains_F-bleach-sinks

BOOKS_18/ 18 (32/ 32 books total)

32_Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone_Completed October_2011
        Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets_Completed Ocobert_2011
        Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban_Completed October_2011
33_Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire_Completed November_2011
        Harry Potter & the Oder of the Phoenix_Completed November_2011
34_Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince_Completed December_2011
        Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows_Completed Jan_2012
35_Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress_Completed October_2011
        Beggars & Choosers_Completed November_2011
        Beggars Ride_Completed December_2011
36_The Story of English by Robert McCrum, Robert MacNeil, & William Cran_Completed Nov_2011


37_Celtic Myth by Steve Eddy & Claire Hamilton_Completed April_2012
38_The Inferno by Danta Alighieri Translated_Completed June_2012
39_Purgatorio by Danta Alighieri Translated by Hollander_Completed July_2012
40_The Secret Teachings of Jesus_Four Gnostic Gospels_Completed April_2012
41_Teachings of the Buddha_Completed_ February_2012
42_The Sons of the Wind_The Sacred Stories of the Lakota_Edited by D M Dooling_Completed October_2011
43_ Siddhartha by Herman Hesse_Completed March_2012
        The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran_Completed March_2012

44_Bookclub books_1/ 1 (8 books total)_on going
        Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker a  the Rise & Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History_Completed Oct_2011
        To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf_Completed Dec_2011
        Little Bee by Chris Cleav_Completed Jan_2012
        Bossypants by Tina Fey_Completed February_2012
        Take Me With You:A Round-the-World Journey to Invite a Stranger Home by Brad Newsham_Completed April_2012
        This I Believe: Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women Edited by Jay Allison, Dan Gediman and Studs Terkel_Completed May_2012
        Aging With Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives by David Snowdon_Completed July_2012
        The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern_Completed August_2012
45_The Tremendous World I Have Inside My Head_Franz Kafka: A Biographical Essay by Louis Begley_Completed March_2012
46_Modernism: The Lure of Heresy: From Baudelaire to Beckett and Beyond by Peter Gay_Completed Nov_2011
47_Art of the Postmodern Area by Irving Sandler_Completed May_2012
48_ The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: And Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks_Completed Jan_2012
49_ The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sachs_Completed February_2012


50_Journal_Input all pages_140/ 140_February_2012
51_Journal_Edit & format all pages_140/ 140_February_2012
52_Journal_Create Pages_Complete_February_2012
53_Make stupid sock doll_Completed October_2011

54_Our Possessions book_take photographs Completed October_2011
55_Poetry book_Print out all text pages_105/ 105_February_2012
56_365 Photography Porject_Produce Lauren’s album_Completed January_2012
57_100_snapshots_Produce Lauren’s album_Completed November_2011

RELATING TO ART & WRITING_17/ 26_ on going
Re-edit stories_17/ 17
58_Even Those Rules Given Down by the Gods_Completed March_2012
59_Across the Room_Completed January_2012
60_Golden Watchman_Completed March_2012
61_Some Enchanted Evening_Complete April_2012
62_Taking Care of Justin_Completed January _2012
63_Roads Traveled_Completed January_2012
64_The Window of my Mind_Completed January _2012
65_Just a Singer in a Local Punk Bank_Completed January_2012
66_Rememberance in Silken Blue_Completed January_2012
67_Their Gift of Always_Completed January_2012
68_ When Your Past Catches Up to His Future_Completed January_2012
69_The Shadow of His Past_Completed January_2012
70_Chapters 1 through 20_Completed March_2012
71_Chapters 21 through 40_Completed March_2012
72_Chapters 41 through 60_Completed March_2012
73_Chapters 61 through 80_Completed March_2012
74_Chapters 81 through 100_Completed March_2012

75_ Piece 1_Nature_tree from Salinas_Complete February_2012
76_ Piece 2_Music idea_Abstract_Completed April_2012
77_ Piece 3_Horse in landscape_Complete September_2012

84_Christmas cards_sort, discard or add to box_Completed December_2011
85_Card box_Purchase large one_Completed November_2011
86_Magazines_go through for collage material_Completed Oct_2011

Protopage_3/ 3
87_Protopage_Organize Page 1 bookmarks_Completed Oct_2011
88_Protopage_Organize Page 2 bookmarks_Completed Oct_2011
89_Protopage_Organize Page 3 bookmarks_eliminated_Completed Oct_2011

90_Online billing_designated credit card_Completed April_2012

91_Online billing_switch billing_20/ 20_Completed March_2012
92_Create quick & dirty daily tasks list_260/ 365_on going
93_Create and maintain Lauren & my mission101 lists_4/ 4_on going
        Create Freshman list_Completed October_2011
        Create Sophomore list_Completed September_2012
        Create Summer list & complete_Completed September_2012
        Create & complete December list_Completed January_2012
94_Create an Art Mission Statement detailing the Why and the How_Completed_December_2011
95_Reorganize YouTube vids_2/ 2_Completed _November_2011
       Within YouTube_Completed
        To include Protopage bookmarks
96_reorganize Livejournal memories_4/ 4_Completed _November_2011
        To include getting rid of no longer necessary or broken links
        To include adding all my story links
        To include redo and specification of tags
        To include linking my stories to Master Post
98_FreeRice_100,000 grains donated_ending goal_208,000_Completed April_2012
99_Charitii crossword_Play for The Nature Conservancy_25,000/  25,000 square inches_ on going
100_Charity Site_Click on 5 times per week_275/ 275_Completed July_2012
101_Mission101_develop 2012-2013 list_Completed July 2012

And as if all this wasn't enough
I will be posting my next, my fourth,

mission101 list in a few days

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