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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Fifty-First Post and final posting for this go-round

With my first 365 Photography Project I actually took one photo per day, ultimately around 400 photos since some days required more than one photo to fully capture that day's essence, posting each to Livejournal & flickr, and finally creating from them an album of that year of our life, 2011, for Lauren.
          Finally realizing that this approach was undoable year after year, not only is it a lot of work, but the albums would eventually take up an enormous amount of space, with my second 365 Photography Project, I cut the number back to around 200 or one-half the album space used the first time.
          This is still tooooooooo much so, I have decide to limit myself to 80 photos per year, which will ultimately allow me to fit 5 years into each album assuming that I'm crazy enough to continuing doing this forever, which could very well be the case. I'm sure Lauren will be very appreciative of how thoughtful I'm being since I know that want she wants, when she grows up, is a clean, unencumbered living space.

So, without further adu, the last photo of this my second not really 365 Photography Project
September23_2012_Sunday_back to Santa Cruz
Sunday September 23, 2012_Lauren back to Santa Cruz...a sophmore!!! This year she rooms with two girls, Alexandra, known to all as Alex, and Hanna, know to all as Ana. Fortunately, Lauren remains known to all as Lauren so, big sigh of relief there.
         She is now in a large triple which really is with four windows instead of only two and with a very high peaked ceiling since this room is on the third, and uppermost, floor. I actually consider it spacious.
         She is sadly on longer in Galen House but is now in Gauss House, seriously, who apparently was a big deal, like the BIGGEST deal, mathmatician in the 19 Century.

the flickr of our lives
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