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The Prince's Trust Palace to Palace Cycle Ride

Benedict Cumberbatch with his Godson's father, Adam Ackland, and their team, BC, are raising money for the 45 miles Palace to Palace bike ride taking place October 14, 2012, as discussed in this tumblr post, to benefit The Prince's Trust.

You can sponsor one or all three here.
I sponsored Mr. Cumberbatch & Mr. Ackland and received very nice emails from both thanking me, generic but still, it's not often you find Benedict Cumberbatch in your inbox and I thrill so very easily these days, that I may have squeed just a little. Still, worthy cause and all that so, if you can, they would truly appreciate your support.

There's more information on the Prince's Trust, which basically helps poor kids in England.

AS ADDED INCENTIVE, as if any were needed, Mr. Benedict said in his email and I quote...'If we go over the target in the next two days I will, tart that i am, share some photos with you of me in training in my fetching cycling gear!' 'Tart' & 'fetching'!!! Who talks like that? I love this man AND, not unreasonably, I want to see him in his 'fetching' bike gear so...just sayin' :DD

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